Phase 2: Gold Distribution 1

Phase 2: Gold Distribution 1

The primary purpose of Phase 2 is to support the development of mobile Dapps and incentivize users to those Dapps via the Blast App. A new Big Bang competition will begin in August with Gold rewards, cash funding, and co-marketing opportunities to support this initiative. More details will be shared soon.

10 million Gold will be distributed to Dapps in the first Gold distribution of Phase 2. For this distribution, 9.5 million Gold has been reserved for existing Dapps on Blast Mainnet and 0.5 million Gold has been reserved for newly launched Dapps.


The methodology used for Gold Distribution 1 can be found in this blog post. Note that Dapps that utilize BLAST in a novel and significant way will receive a bonus in the next Gold distribution.

Category Weights

A new category, "Prediction Market" was added with a weight of 4.

Category Weight
Prediction Market 4
Spot Dex 3
SocialFi 3
GameFi 2
Perp Dex 2
Lending 2
GambleFi 2
Misc 2
NFT Infra 1


CSV Link:

If you're eligible for Gold and on the list, please complete this form. You must provide a contract address with the Blast Points API successfully integrated and the configured points operator. Both are required to be included in your public documentation on your official website. If you are building a new Dapp on Blast that has not received Gold before, please reach out to us via this form.